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I hope you like my galleries and my world in pictures! If you like to have one of those pictures on your wall – as a poster print or even framed – I would love to offer you following options:

  • Get the original picture (jpg file) and                                            75 €
    let it print on your own with your
    preferred service and as often as you want.


  • You fancy a finished print then
    1. Choose the size of the motive/picture you like (this is my artist fee)
      Size up 49 cm                                                                                         9 €
      Size 50-99 cm                                                                                        19 €
      Sizes starting from 100 cm                                                               29 €
    2. Tell me about the material and the frame you would like (choose from the wide options on White Wall).
    3. Artist fee + WhiteWall printing costs + delivery (organised by Whitewall) will sum up to the final costs of your new print.

If there are any question don’t hesitate to contact me. Use the contact form or just drop me a message on


My Gallery with photos to download for editorial use on shutterstock.


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